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Join us for our 2019 Fall Speaker Series on the first
Thursdays of September, October and November.

3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Parallel MN + Holden Room
145 Holden Street N., Minneapolis 55405

Registration: $45 (each event)


2019 Fall Speaker Series

ANDREA GUENDELMAN is a leading force in creating platforms for professionals of color and the tech industry. Through her own experiences as a Harvard-trained corporate lawyer and an entrepreneur, she co-created Wallbreakers - a solution to connect talented students from underrepresented backgrounds (including Latinx, African American, and other underrepresented minorities) with companies hungry for talent and looking to build inclusive teams.

Andrea grew up in Chile, at the end of the Pinochet dictatorship. As the country awoke, Chilean women were starting to face the same opportunities and the same perils the women in the U.S. were confronting a decade earlier. Seeking to escape the net of expectations created by others, Andrea went to the U.S. to study at Harvard Law School. After practicing corporate law in New York and Washington, D.C. and upon becoming a mother, Andrea felt a need to give back to the community and to younger generations of aspiring Latinas.

Inspired by her grandparents who were immigrants and entrepreneurs, she founded BeVisible, a social media and career platform for under represented talent. She was also helped form a tech community of women in 2012 and held an advisory position creating media strategy with the Colorado-based National Center for Women & Information Technology.

Wallbreakers now helps recent and soon-to-be college graduates become well-rounded candidates, prepared to enter the tech industry. In addition to her role at Wallbreakers, Andrea serves as a consultant for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Andrea Guendelman Helps Young Latinx Professionals “Break Walls,” Hispanic Executive

Workplaces of tomorrow must consider prioritizing inclusion as a business strategy to attract and retain top talent, increase innovation among teams, improve sales and increase profitability. How does a company ensure success at building inclusive workplaces and its competitive advantage? Join us for our Fall Speaker series featuring Andrea Guendelman, a leader in creating career platforms connecting Latinx to the tech industry as she shares how to create inclusive workplaces.

About Powering Inclusion

POWERING INCLUSION is an ongoing event series designed to equip leaders to lead through a lens of Race + Place + Income, positioning the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) region as a hub for talent, investment, and innovation to increase our economic competitiveness.

The series includes an Annual Summit (Spring) and a Speaker Series (Fall) where we elevate new voices and strategies, foster deeper cross-sector connections, and promote immediate ways to drive growth and inclusion in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Each event features known and emerging national disruptors and local leaders to discuss how to activate inclusive growth and offer data-driven, cross-sector, community-centric solutions to increase economic inclusion. Event participants have the opportunity to learn about and commit to adopting specific inclusive practices. A closing reception provides the opportunity to make new connections.

Our 2018 Speaker Series featured venture capitalist, Arlan Hamilton, and Brookings Fellow, Dr. Andre Perry, who amplified what’s possible when we center people of color in our strategies for advancing economic inclusion through investments in leadership, talent and innovation as catalysts for growth.

POWERING INCLUSION is more than an event series; it is how we move from Awareness to Action to Accountability. Join us.

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