regional economic inclusion indicators


These indicators serve as a companion to the Regional Indicators Dashboard, providing a more complete picture of economic inclusion at the regional level through the disaggregation of data by race, place and/or income. The indicators measure large regional economic trends around employment, wages, and job quality and are further organized by the Center’s three focus areas (economic development, human capital, transit & access.)






Over a six month period, the following organizations provided critical insights into project design, indicator selection, and data availability: The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, GREATER MSP, Itasca Project, Metropolitan Council, Real Time Talent.

Students in Prime Digital Academy’s User Experience cohort interviewed stakeholders, cultivating insights that shaped the design of this web tool. Students in the Full Stack Engineering cohort provided valuable assistance in bringing the tool to light. Two of those team members, Cooper Miller and Karla Nelson, continued to advise the Center team on a volunteer basis beyond the scope of their engagement.

Deputy Director Alan Berube and Senior Research Associate Isha Shah of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution supported the Center through a highly iterative process to refine the indicators, pull the necessary data, and interpret the results. Their efforts made this project possible.

A note on labels

Note: We are using the following race/ethnic labels to represent the following groups:

  • American Indian | American Indian or Alaska Native

  • Asian | Asian, Asian-American or Pacific Islander

  • Black | Black, African-American or African

  • Hispanic | Hispanic or Latino

  • White | White or Caucasian, non-Hispanic 

A note on data

For each indicator, we have used the most current data available. We have selected data sources with annual updates. For more detailed information about data sources, see the technical appendix (link).