Shana Ford
Vice President, Partnerships & Programs

Shana Ford is a purpose driven executive with over twenty years’ experience leading highly effective teams to achieve performance success.

As vice president for the Center for Economic Inclusion, Shana leads our team in supporting public and private institutions in assessing systems for racial equity, economic impact, and institutionalizing new, results-oriented policies and practices that are responsive to the talent, needs, and assets of people of color.

Shana joins the Center having helped organizations in multiple sectors transform organizational imperatives into results. She has led efforts in aligning staff performance and organizational imperatives, while gaining the agreement of key stakeholders to embark upon an intensive growth strategy. She has a track record of managing key relationships, engaging with community partners, policy makers, and decision makers to create and implement long-term employment solutions, housing, and health services, and financial viability.

Previously, Shana served as the director of lending and impact investing for First Children’s Finance, establishing toolkits to support home-based childcare providers and small business owners in growing their businesses and providing equitable, inclusive results that also equip them to provide meaningful employment to their employees. Shana also served as chief administration & human capital officer for the Harvest Network of Schools, following an 18-year career in banking where she served as vice president with BMO Harris and Wells Fargo.

Shana holds a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing management and is currently working toward a master’s degree in leadership. She is a native Minnesotan and is the mother of five children LaShana, Terrell, Tiffany, and twins’ Derek and Erick.

My motivation is consistent and simple: I love to positively impact organizations, people, and systems. Working at the Center allows me to implement deep, transformational outcomes for our communities in ways not achieved before.