The Center is committed to using data transparently to make real-time progress. What we measure and how we respond will make all the difference. We had 134 attendees contribute to an electronic poll at our launch event. More than half were from the private sector and nearly all were in decision-making roles.

Poll Findings:

  1. We can learn from each other: Almost 90% of respondents said they would benefit from a peer group to share best practices. About half said their organizations have an inclusion dashboard reviewed regularly by the executive team -- that gives us a good starting point.

  2. We need leaders to lead...and to address racism head on: Over half of respondents cited lack of leadership buy-in and lack of understanding of systemic racism as the biggest barrier to increasing racial equity at their organizations. As regional leaders, we are role models within and beyond our organizations. We must embrace this challenge boldly.
  3. We have a broader set of tools than we are using today: Training on Bias & Inclusion was the #1 area through which respondents' organizations are addressing racial inequities. Such training, when done effectively, can increase inclusion. Yet we have identified at least 9 other areas that we must address to achieve progress with the scale and urgency needed.

This benchmarking data is essential to identify organizational and collective strengths and gaps, and track and accelerate progress.

We encourage you to SHARE THE SURVEY with your colleagues and discuss the results.

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